What is a nos cracker?

A nos cracker is a small cylindrical usually metal device used to dispense gas chargers such as nitrous oxide (nos / N20) into balloons.

What are the risks?

Always use a balloon, never Inhale gas directly from the cracker/ dispenser as when released it is very cold and can cause frostbite to the lips, tongue and throat.

The cracker gets very cold when gas is dispensed, either use a glove/towl for insulation, or purchase an insulated Rubber Grip Nos Cracker


How to use a nos cracker

  1. Start by carefully unscrewing the cracker.
  2. Place the gas charger inside the cracker such that the metal pin is facing the foil in the charger.
  3. Screw on the lid of the cracker as tight possible, the metal pin will pierce the foil in the cracker.
  4. Attach a balloon to the end of the cracker with the holes on it. If your nos cracker has a lip to attach to balloons this should be easy enough or else slide on the balloon onto the cracker by about 1cm.
  5. Slowly unscrew the nos cracker, until the gas begins to fill the balloon.
  6. Tap the bottom of the nos cracker to release any remaining gas.