Premium Nos Crackers

Our Unique Cracker Design

Burn-proof Design

Rubber grip insulates the nos cracker, protecting your hand from freeze-burn when the gas is dispensed

No Gas Leakage

Internal rubber O-ring creates an air-tight, seal ensuring that no gas leaks out the sides of the nos cracker

Secure Metal Lip

Rounded metal lip  securely holds your balloons in place, preventing them from becoming detached

Lightweight And Durable

Made of machined aircraft-grade aluminium, nos our crackers are lightweight but also very strong, able to dispense thousands of n20 chargers without breaking
We have not and will not sell any sort of ‘legal highs’ such as nitrous oxide also known as laughing gas, we only sell aluminium dispensers. We do not condone the inhalation of nitrous oxide and will accept no responsibility for any injuries that may result from misuse of our products. All references to nos and nitrous oxide are purely for product identification.